Wednesday, September 18, 2019

PBS: "The Speed of Light Is Not About Light"; It's about causality

PBS Digital Studios explains, “The Speed of Light Is Not About Light”

No, it’s the speed limit for causality.

Otherwise, there could be no mass.
Tim explains how you went from Maxwell’s equations to the Lorentz Transformations, which we did cover in high school physics. Well, only briefly, except in AP.  Read the Wikipedia page, which gets into general relativity. 

Monday, September 16, 2019

PragerU: The progressive Left says "Goodbye, America"

James Robbins offers a commentary “Goodbye, America” for Prager U.

He analyzes the obsession of the radical Left with demanding karmic perfection of everyone.
Sometime in the 1960s, you had a generation of young people who had not struggled as much for necessities as had “the greatest generation” and they began to lose sight of the American Experiment (which is actually the name of a conservative think tank in Minneapolis).
So there is obsession with the fact (as in a New York Times piece recently) that American capitalism was based on accounting systems developed to account for slave flavor.  More recently, David Hogg, at Harvard, bemused his credible gun control lobbying (on MSNBC) with the idea that hinted America must let in unlimited PoC undocumented immigrants because America stole Texas from Mexico and stole native American lands when settling them (a topic covered in the mid 2000’s film “The New World” from New Line).
A more responsible way to talk about karma would be for a David Hogg to suggest a review of the social contract – and formalize the expectations we make of better off citizens.  Maybe periods of national service?  Maybe make it more common practice to expect people with inheritances to adopt and raise poor children, especially caught in asylum situations?  (The other "real David Hogg", another college student from North Carolina on the conservative side, has at least hinted at such a discussion on Twitter.) We could indeed start a conversation about that, but “The Left” never gets that started;  it is lost in its own negativity and identarianism.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Vox: a 15-year-old solves Rubik's Cube in 5 seconds

Vox Observatory shows a 15-year-old, Colin Burns, solving a Rubik’s Cube in 5.25 seconds.

The records are actually based on an average of best threes, held by a 19-year-teen from Australia.

As troubling as lack of educational achievement with average Americans, we still keep seeing super-articulate teens (who are often enough female and often Asian or from India, was well as white males) doing academic feats – discovering anti-cancer tests or demonstrating quantum entanglement before 16.

Colin now travels a lot at the expense of the Rubik's cube manufacturer. 
We seem to have a real cognition gap among American teens.  It’s not so much private schools as in the critics of meritocracy, as it is in social segregation, which affects public schools.   What seems to show a cognition gap is the ability to get abstract thinking.
Edward Snowden used a Rubik’s Cube to hide a small wafer he was smuggling.

(I note that the Vox video was loaded in the summer of 2015.  He would be 19 now; is he working for them now?) 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

ABC News has big debate party in Houston

ABC News featured ten candidates in its first major Democratic presidential debate session (since CNN has sponsored a number of these already), with George Stephanopoulos moderating. The debate was held at Texas Southern University in Houston.

One of the most contested issue was gun control reform, and Beto O’Rourke brought the house down with his promise to practically confiscate all military style weapons, apparently with a buyback. 

 O’Rourke has been criticized for suggesting that payment processors not work with gun sellers – because payment processors have already been involved in deplatforming scandals regarding some Internet speakers.

German Lopez of Vox has a strong article on where all the candidates stand on the gun issue here. 

Lopez goes back and forth in discussing the problem but seems to take the position that the only real way to reduce gun violence, besides national background checks and federal licenses with no exceptions within families, would be massive buybacks. 

There was a brief interruption for protesters at about 10 PM EDT.  It wasn’t clear what was being protested, maybe deportations. 

Earlier, there was controversy over whether people would have to buy in to Joe Biden’s healthcare plan, when he got into an argument with Castro
Pete Buttigieg mentioned his earlier military service under the old “don’t ask don’t tell”, and said he was elected with an 80% confidence majority by Indiana voters after he came out.
Cory Booker mentioned being threatened and enduring vandalism in earlier elections.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pakman and Sam Harris dissect the woke Left, and the identarian right (there is more than one of these)

Recently David Pakman interviewed neuroscientist Sam Harris, whose overall leanings are mainstream liberal but who probably sounded more like Sargon of Akkad in this 90-minute interview.

Harris hit hard the woke Left’s cancel culture, and unwillingness to tolerate facts of science that interfere with their combative strategy to get reparations and repair from the damages done to their groups in the past by those with underserved wealth. Of course, the right is also blind to science, like on climate change.

Harris seems to believe that people who commit horrible acts under radical Islam are different from those in white supremacy.  The latter tend to be young men with personality disorders, whereas the former sincerely believe in a religious system.  But Obama used to say, ISIS has no ideology at all. 
 I’m surprised Pakman didn’t challenge him on this.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Casey Neistat dings social media and leaves NYC

John Fish has often mentioned Casey Neistat, so here is one of Casey’s most important recent videos, “Goodbye Social Media”, from March 2019.  Neistat has 11 million subscribers!

Fish would criticize him in April and narrow his advice.

Neistat impresses me as an older Logan Paul.  He now says he is leaving New York and has a van comparable to Tim Pool’s?

He mentions “Tim Apple”.

David Pakman had half-promised to get off social media, forever.  It hasn’t happened.
Neistat gave up social media for a week when his daughter was born, and he said he felt relieved.
He then removes social media from his smart phone and leaves it on his laptop.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Richard Wolff takes down Jordan Peterson on Marxism

Richard D. Wolff has a lot of short videos that appear leftist leaning, but I thought I would share his response to Jordan Peterson (of the University of Toronto)

Wolff criticizes Peterson’s dismissal of Marxism as nothing more of the envy of the poor over the rich, and goes on to explain that Marxism was concerned with the idea that capitalism set up an owner-worker dichotomy parallel to noble-serf under feudalism.

He does not directly criticize Peterson’s notorious “clean your room”.