Thursday, November 16, 2017

"Days of our Lives": Gay character Will Horton returns as a ghost, thinking he is EJ

Days of our Lives” has gotten a little interesting again.

It seems as those Will (again played by Chandler Massey) has come back as a ghost, resurrected by a witch, but the thinks he’s EJ.  Sami is back in the show, claiming she is his mother.  Sonny tries to convince Will that he had his daughter before he accepted who he was and married Sonny.
This is indeed a gay ghost story.  Or is this the sci-fi thing of switching bodies? 


In the meantime, JJ (Casey Moss) rocks. He has become the straight version of Will. Now when he does the right thing, he gets in trouble because of luck. The Dimera’s somehow hire Theo, who seems autistic, to commit a robbery for them. JJ catches him and thinks the scanning device is a gun.  When JJ says “drop that weapon”, Theo interprets it literally and turns to show the device. JJ  thinks it is a gun and shoots him. 

In a later episode JJ thinks he really did recognize Theo before pulling the trigger -- mind tricks.
I think DOOL needs to bring on Dr. Shaun Murphy from ABC's "The Good Doctor" as a crossover to bring Theo back!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"The Good Doctor" bonds with an autistic teen patient on Season 1 Fall Finale

The Good Doctor” (“22 Steps”) on Monday night gave Shaun his most interesting challenge yet. He treats a young teenage boy who presents after an accident and other unusual symptoms and is the first to recognize that the teen is autistic, “like me”.

It gets interesting. During an MRI, Shaun tries to calm the boy by counting steps.  It only works so far. The parents have given the kid a fad diet to counter autism, and as a result the boy has a serious intestinal illness needing surgery.  The parents don’t want Shaun to participate.  But Shaun, as usual, winds up being the only person who can save the boy’s life. The boy actually likes Shaun. The intestinal surgery scene has some pretty realistic looking bowels. 

There’s a subplot of a 73-year old man who deliberately broke his pacemaker because he wants to die. Pretty depressing.

And we could lose the part about Shaun’s supposed 2 AM calls when he loses a tool in the apartment.
Shaun finally buys a flat screen TV and enjoys football. Maybe, like Richard Harmon (who is so spectacularly successful as an actor in “The 100” at 26 precisely because of social skills) he’ll root for the Fighting Irish.  Maybe Shaun will take up the problem of concussion damage in the NFL.
I think they should do something with that loose end where Shaun puts out tuna for a stray cat.  It would make sense to have Shaun befriend a stray cat (or for the cat in Wyoming to join him), or maybe a larger cat like a serval or lynx.  He probably would communicate well with sentient wild animals, especially cats and even foxes. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

"Track and Fear" on ABC 20-20: n Olympic female shotputter and her coach

ABC 20-20 episode “Track and Fear” presented the story of female shotputter Baillie Gibson’s relationship with her coach, Craig Carter at the University of Arizona.  View link

The litigation goes both ways in this case, but it is timely given all the recent attention to sexual harassment.  It would be inappropriate for an intimate relationship with a coach to happen anyway even when consensual.

ESPN has a more detailed account of the event  as quoted by the New York Post I May 2017. 

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of University of Arizona campus by JSCarreiro, P.D.  I have been in Tucson once, in 1980, but actually considered this school as a senior in high school.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bill Weir visits Peru: Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and Amazon

Tonight on CNN Bill Weir presented Peru on his Wonder List program.

I had scheduled a vacation in Peru in the summer of 1974 which I cancelled when I went to work for NBC.  I spent a weekend in Mexico City.

The main event in the broadcast was the presentation of Machu Picchu, which can be reached by train and bus from Cuzco (which itself it at 11000 feet). There used to be another trainride from Cuzco across a 15000 foot pass in the Andes.  
There are several other sites similar to Machu Picchu. The Incas built an empire without a written language, and fit stones together without mortar.  Much of this was built before 300 AD.  

Weir visited Lake Titicaca, the highest in the world, and showed a micro-civilization of woven raft islands in the Lake, some of which offer motel or Airbnb accommodations. Other parts of the marsh people are poor, and there are legal issues of real property rights for floating islands (they pay no tax now). One is reminded of the Marsh Arabs in southern Iraq.

Bourdain did not visit the Gate of the Sun, which Van Daniken had claimed was built by aliens. There is also the mystery of the Nacza lines.
Bourdain then visited the areas of the Amazon pillaged by gold mining, leaving toxic lakes after strip-mining, along with a lot of mercury pollution. 

Wikiepedia attribution link for photo of Uros floating island in Titicaca

"Diego Delso,, License CC-BY-SA 4.0"

Thursday, November 09, 2017

"Tipping Point: Sexual Harassment in America": CNN Town Hall tonight

On Thursday Nov. 9, CNN hosted a Town Hall, “Tipping Point: Sexual Harassment in America” hosted by Alysin Camerata   Here is a major link for it, maintaining that 20% of all Americans know a woman who has experienced sexual harassment at work.

Anita Hill, now a professor at Brandeis, also helped host.

Gretchen Carlson talked about her experience at Fox with Roger Ailes, and then about a creepy experience early in her career on Capitol Hill. 

There was discussion of the fact that in Congress there are several legal impediments for women reporting sexual harassment against male congresspersons.

Matt McGorry, from “Orange is the New Black” also spoke.
On my Wordpress news commentary blog, I have pubbed a detailed guest post by David Essel, “Sexual harassment, when will it end?” 

Today Roy Moore was accused of illegal sexual harassment during his candidacy for a seat as GOP Senator from Alabama, link. Moore's supporters made an odd comparison to Joseph as father of Jesus, which I have heard in sermons before.  Joseph had some explaining to do. (See "BillBoushka" blog, Dec. 24, 2007 on a sermon by James Somerville.) 

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

"Business of Disaster" on PBS Frontline looks at behavior of FEMA and flood insurance after Sandy in New York

Tonight Wednesday November 8, 2017, PBS Frontline aired “Business of Disaster” about the way homeowners lost out after counting on government-backed flood insurance after Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

The broadcast focused on Staten Island and southern Rockaways.

People often tried to lift their homes on stilts, or to rebuild all the joists from scratch.  A big controversy was whether foundation damage was caused by Sandy or had been pre-existing.

Byzantine bureaucracy of New York’s “Build It Back” program seemed to leave homeowners owing large legal bills. 

Thursday, November 02, 2017

On Fox, Houston Astros "Strong" take Game 7 on the road in LA

The Houston Astros, who moved to the American League in 2013 (winning only 51 games that year, but 84 games in 2016), clinched game 7 Wednesday night on the road in LA.   Fox broadcast the series.

But of course it is Sunday night’s crazy 13-12 game that everyone will remember.
How often does a visiting team win game 7?  More often than you think. In 1975, after Cartlon Fisk’s homer in game 6 in Boston, the St, Louis Cardinals won the 7th game quietly in Fenway, 4-3.

Minute Maid Park is rather like another Fenway, with a short left field. It had been called Enron Field until the scandal in 2001.

I saw a game in the old Astrodome in 1984 (the Astros lost that game to the Giants). 

The grassy knoll in center field was removed before 2017.  
By User AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker on Flickr - From Flickr; description page is (was) here, CC BY 2.0, Link