Thursday, May 24, 2007

Life with Elizabeth and Rosie: Watch those tempers

I remember a black-and-white sitcom in the 1950s called “Life with Elizabeth.” It always ended with the line, “Elizabeth: aren’t you ashamed?” and she would shake her head. I remember a girl named Elizabeth in grade school whom I teased about this, and she changed her name to Betsy because of this show.

This week, we understand that conservative Elizabeth Hasselbeck and “liberal” Rosie O’Donnell both threw temper tantrums on the air, live, on ABC’s daytime The View (11AM EDT). Rosie’s categorization of American troops in Iraq was reportedly not too complementary. And, to be sure, The Donald got mentioned.

It’s pretty hard to believe professional entertainers throwing tantrums on the air, even more after the Imus episodes. Rosie has, supposedly, been good for ratings on ABC, and a less controversial host after she leaves will make it harder on the bean counters.

Rosie, of course, is a hero in posing the question of how gay Americans participate in family responsibility, as she has fought battles with the state of Florida over adoption.

ABC’s own story is “’View’ war of words prompts question: What can Americans say about the war? Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s heated argument sparked a larger debate: Link.

CNN story: “O’Donnell, Hasselbeck let it rip on ‘View’” link.

Rosie’s own site is

English majors, check her poem (she mentions goslings – like the actor in Fracture?)


Apparently Rosie will be leaving "The View" immediately. The ABC News story May 24 was "O'Donnell Will Not Be Back on 'The View'; ABC Announced Early Departure for Host", story here.

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