Friday, September 21, 2007

ABC 20-20 "Toughest Call"

ABC 20/20 tonight (Friday Sept. 21) had a two hour show “The Toughest Call” about a number of difficult situations.

Jenny McCarty talked about her son’s changing diagnosis, from epilepsy to autism, and how he improved after a dietary change, eliminating gluten.

Christine Copp’s boyfriend as paralyzed after a motorcycle rodeo accident (I attended an event like that once in the Minneapolis Metrodome).

A woman made pregnant by rape and her husband keep and raise the baby boy.

“Conversion therapy” (like reparative therapy) for ex-gays in several religious groups is covered. A Mormon man has persistent fantasies and eventually divorces, with three teenage children. Love in Action and Exodus International are shown. The religious idea that one changes to please God’s plan and does not question it or focus on one’s own psychic needs is covered. Another Mormon "convert" simply says "I am a Man," and won't discuss choice or inborn nature.

A soldier (Private Moss) in Afghanistan has shrapnel with live ordnance in his pelvis, and Army surgeons take terrible risks to get it out. Live video of the actual surgery is shown.

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