Friday, September 14, 2007

ABC 20/20 "Whose Body Is It, Anyway?" (Sick in America)

Tonight, Sept. 14, 2007, ABC 20/20, hosted by John Stossel, featured a report "Sick in America: Whose Body Is It Anyway?" Stossel went through the major problems in the health insurance market, as with the uninsured and out-of-control costs, just as did Michael Moore. But Stossel believes that the free market really can fix health care financing. For one thing, divorce it from employment (he gave horror stories of people losing "temporary insurance" with their jobs). Use tax-deferred health savings accounts instead. There are mixed opinions on how well health savings accounts work with preventive care.

In some areas, where patients tend to pay out of their own pockets, like cosmetic surgery, prices are actually coming down.

Doctors are not reimbursed for modernization of information systems, but Stossel feels that market forces can compel the health care industry to do a better job with medical records (he doesn't mention HIPAA).

Most of all, Stossel claims that waiting lists are a huge problem in Britain and Canada. Patients often come to the US for Canada.

Stossel does challenge Michael Moore ("Sicko") directly in the broadcast.

One thing that is interesting about all of this is that another ABC reporter, Dr. Tim Johnson, has often, on Good Morning America, seemed to promote single payer. So even within ABC there is disagreement.

Update: Sept. 16 Where to go for the Emmy's.

The most current list of the Emmy awards (Sunday night -- hosted by Ryan Seacrest, who brags that he hosts events, like a Donald Trump Apprentice, for a living) seems to be on . The shows that won don't happen to be the ones that I follow on this blog (unlike the situation with the Oscars and Golden Globes for movies). I've ordered the HBO "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" for review. It will air Sept. 21.

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