Thursday, September 27, 2007

PBS: "Minor" Republican 2008 presidential candidates debate at Morgan State Univ. in Baltimore

Tonight (Thursday, Sept. 27, 2007) some of the Republican Presidential candidates for 2008 held a debate on PBS at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. The hosts were Tom Joyner and Tavid Smiley. The focus was African American issues.

The “mainstream” Republican candidates did not show up. Here is the short list of the "B squad" who came:

Sam Brownback TX
Ron Paul TX
Mike Huckabee AR
Tom Tancredo CO
Rep Duncan Hunter CA
Alan Keyes Ambassador

Alan Keyes seemed to lead the crusade about morality, blaming the decline of the nuclear family as hitting African Americans particularly hard. Social problems, in his view, are addressed by morally appropriate behavior and commitment by individuals, not government. He never quite gets around to saying how “family values” should affect those who do not marry or have children at all.

One of the other candidates indicated that African Americans were better off in the 1950s than they are today, before government programs created the welfare state.

There was some discussion of the Jena 6.

On health care, there was a suggestion to bring back the “family doctor” and free family doctors who charge reasonable rates from taxes, but Keyes retorted that you can’t bring back the family doctor without bringing back the family.

On voting rights for District of Columbia residents, there were mixed comments. Some felt that the District should be ceded to Maryland. Some opposed DC’s gun control laws.

Ron Paul was the only real “libertarian.”

Picture: The Saint's Paradise, an African American church (non denominational) in the Shaw area of Washington DC.

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