Monday, November 26, 2007

PBS: Campus Battleground: from 2 more episodes of "America at a Crossroads"

PBS continued its series "America at a Crossroads" tonight (Nov 26 2007) with two more episodes. My coverage of the earlier episodes was April 15, here.

The 10 PM EST episode was "Campus Battleground." Segments were shown at Berkeley, University of California, and Columbia University in New York City. At Berkeley, one student summed it up by saying that Israel's view is "We are a Chosen People, the Holocaust proved that this is our only safe homeland, and we must do anything necessary to protect security." That was a reference to the complicated Wall running around the West Bank and many towns. There was discussion of the mandatory conscripted military service for everyone 18-21. (The show didn't mention it, but gays are able to serve openly in the military in Israel without difficulty, according to many other sources.) There was also a pretend "checkpoint" on the Berkeley campus where "Palestinians" were stopped. (That concept provides a motive in Brian de Palma's recent film "Redacted"). A professor asked students, as part of the final exercise of a seminar, to design next year's symposium. The PBS link is here.

I missed the episode "Homegrown: Islam in Prison," with the link here. I. I forgot to record it, and was more "captivated" by the idea of the Shanti Virus (possible pandemic) on NBC's "Heroes".

Picture: Naval Academy from across the Severn River in Annapolis, MD, site of a peace conference this week.

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