Friday, November 23, 2007

Shawn & Belle (DOOL)

My goodness, Shawn and Belle FINALLY got married on "Days of our Lives" today. It was supposed to be a Thanksgiving Day wedding, but Thanksgiving Day dog shows (sorry, not cat shows) on NBC pre-empted. Belle Black (Martha Anne Madison now) and Shawn-Douglas Brady (now Brandon Beemer -- one of whose imdb head shots is in leather -- but he has never seemed like the real Shawn -- Jason Cook, who suddenly left the show in 2006) finally did it, and King Phillip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson) actually stayed away from the wedding (don't most soap opera weddings get busted? When Belle and Phillip married, Shawn crashed it with a motorcycle).

Three years or so ago, Belle lied to Shawn to protect her mother Marlena (Deidre Hall) when the later was the Salem Stalker. Well, they undid that with the island-replica of Salem thing (it would have been better to make it Purgatory, like in the film "Wristcutters").

So Belle has two smooth, metrosexual men chasing her. Phillip (remember, King Philip II of Spain tried to invade Elizabeth's England). I doubt that peg-legged Phillip (that doesn't bother Belle) will let go. He doesn't want to sleep alone.

By the way, the idea that one can end a "vendetta" by forcing a specific woman Sami -- Allison Sweeney) to marry the godfather's (Stefano) son and giving him grandchildren by her is pretty horrible. But maybe it goes on.

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