Monday, February 25, 2008

Bob Woodruff visited North Korea on Nightline

Bob Woodruff appeared on ABC Nightline tonight, from North Korea (the "Hermit Kingdom" and "hermit" does not mean "hobbit" here), where he visited a nuclear fuel plant where North Korea is supposedly pulling out rods and disassembling the plant. He and other reporters and workers had to don a tight "bunny suit" to enter, form-fitted body garments sometimes found in semiconductor factories.

He also visited a shoe factory and found it now employed about 2100 workers instead of 300 a few years ago. He also visited a music school, where people practiced in ice cold conditions.

The New York Philharmonic will play a concert on Feb. 26 in Pyongyang, a city that often empties out as people are forced to work in the countryside, and where there are human traffic lights for few cars. North Korea is now allowing the privileged few (it's always that way with Communism) limited Internet access in state controlled rooms.

The ABC report is "American Culture in the Capital of Communism: Can an American Orchestra Help to Open Up a New Relationship with North Korea?," by Bob Woodruff, link here.

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