Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quarterlife: web program starts on NBC: curiously layered; is it a "Gossip Girl 2"?

Tonight NBC premiered a new series “Quarterlife,” the first episode directed by Marshall Hershkovitz, who wrote the story in collaboration with Edward Zwick. Other visitors write that this started out as an Internet show only, and got picked up by NBC.

The show has a couple major websites: Quarterlife , where each character already has his or her own blog; or NBC’s site: and on Myspace. They’ve reserved every combination except Blogger itself. The main site suggests that the audience can participate in writing or even shooting future episodes.

And, as we know, the show name is the name of the fictitious site in the show, a video blog run by homely little magazine editor Dylan Krieger (Bitsie Tulloch), the blog being very “personal” and a record of all the little relationship intrigues among her friends, all of whom act like high school kids or college freshmen. Of course, they find out about it, and they realize that anyone in Russia or Pakistan can see it, but that doesn’t matter so much as the fact that she can manipulate their love lives. So, she is a kind of Gossip Girl (from CWTV), except that here her identity is not a mystery. Now the other kids don’t think of running to Dr. Phil (his recent show “Internet mistakes”) or “Reputation Defender”; instead they actually have to live out their lives.

Jed (22 year old Scott Foster, from ABC Family’s “Greek”) and Danny (David Walton) have gotten a quick job (seemingly through film school) to make a car commercial. Jed becomes a “mark” for this little blog of “Gossip Girl #2”. He plays the part with the same cockiness as a frat brother in the ABC show. Lisa (Maite Schwartz) is struggling to become an actress, and her drama coach doesn’t think she has what it takes. It’s interesting how the show embeds the works and plays it talks about as if their stories were part of the plot.

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