Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emmy nominations for 2008 are announced

This morning, the nominations for the 2008 Emmy Awards were announced. A complete list of the nominations is available at Variety, here.

Critics noted that “made for cable” series were getting recognition for the first time. An example was “Mad Men” on AMC; another is "Damages" on FX (with Glenn Close).

They also noted recognition for “made for TV” movies, which became popular on broadcast television back in the early 1970s. On example is “A Raisin in the Sun” (ABC), directed by Kenny Leon, based on the play by Lorraine Hansberry, which is often studied in high school English classes. (I have reviewed the 1961 film directed by Donald Petire on my doaskdotell site). But this year, only one of these films was made for a legacy broadcast network.

Made for TV movies could become more popular again as more high definition TVs (including wide-screen, capable of supporting 2.35:1 aspect ratios) are sold, after all broadcast goes digital in 2009. The economics of theater chains, outside of the suburban family and action summer blockbusters, could fall into hard times given our economy.

It’s no surprise that “American Idol” is on the list for Reality Competition, or that its host, Ryan Seacrest (who promotes his career as making pop stars) is named.

I noticed the miniseries. “The Andromeda Strain” was somewhat toned down visually from the 1971 Robert Wise film. But HBO’s “John Adams,” which accumulated the largest quantity of nominations, was striking and moving, and is said to be the first major commercial dramatic film (television, series or film) allowed to shoot scenes on Colonial Williamsburg property.

Update: July 18

Meryl Streep appeared today on ABC's "The View" and commented that celebrity parents in Hollywood get to decide if their children will remain private persons. Once you are a celebrity, the paparazzi can follow you (just like they follow race car driver "Max" on a train in France in NBC's "Days of our Lives").

Apparently, if you are a celebrity, you have to allow yourself to be photographed anywhere. I thought there was some control of this through "right of publicity", some "invasion of privacy" and anti-stalking laws.

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