Friday, July 18, 2008

Larry King Live: UFOs and Missile Launches

Tonight, Larry King Live continued its Friday Evening series on UFO’s. (Somehow, the idea of Friday morning music clubs from the 1950s comes to mind.) This week, the topic was UFOs and military missile launches. He had several guests, many of them with the surname “Robert”.

For example, Robert Hastings (“UFOs and Nukes”) spoke about a continual government concern about the appearance of unidentifiable objects near missile launches for decades. Bob Salas and Bob Jamison reported an incident at Malstrom Air Force Base near Great Falls, Montana. There was a shutdown of about 10 silos for a whole day in 1967, and red objects were observed close to the silos. Here is the statement by Salas, online and here is a YouTube “The Disclosure Project: UFOs Shut Down 10 Nuke Silos at Malstrom AFBUFOs Shut Down 10 Nuke Silos at Malstrom AFB” here

Then Bob Jenkins talked about the 1964 incident at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Big Sur, CA. There are online accounts, for example this. Apparently objects fired beams at the missiles after they launched.

The program continued with debates. Bill Nye and Seth Shostek (July 11 posting) as skeptics, against filmmaker James Fox, and Stanton Friedman (“Flying Saucers and Science”).

The idea has been promoted that all world governments are protecting a secret about aliens. One reason would be to have to avoid an “earthling orientation” and face a world in which the most populous nations (like China) would have undue power in “negotiating” with aliens. There is something disingenuous about hiding a sensational truth (however "inconvenient") in order to preserve a tenuous power establishment that could become meaningless. However, the French government is reportedly close to admitting that alien visits are real.

Picture: Near Kecksburg, PA (north of Turnpike, NE of Pittsburgh), site of a supposed UFO crash in 1965.

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