Saturday, September 13, 2008

Michael Phelps hosts SNL: can he act?

Tonight, NBC’s Saturday Night Live opened its season with Olympic medal winner Michael Phelps as host.

So the obvious question is, can Phelps act? Can he be funny?

He did get all of his lines in the skits. (“Let’s stay here. I have a coupon….” And some line about his Speedo. ) But the little episodes all seemed a bit less than the most original. (I do like Ruby Tuesdays myself.) Somehow, he didn’t come across with the liveliness of a Shia LaBeouf or Jake Gyllenhaal (even in drag – remember Jake likes pie charts). We don’t want the Coen Brothers to call him The Man Who Wasn’t There. The show left the impression that the professionals (like Andy Samberg) were there to help him. From the visual evidence, it seems like it’s been a few weeks since he has peaked. I did like the Michael Phelps Diet (12000 calories a day, including coffee ice cream, and a pig in a blanket, just as in “The Cook, The Thief…”, etc. – and how about a Cornish game hen, a favorite at SLDN “end the witch-hunts” fundraisers?).

The show prequel had a debate between Sarah Palin and a copy of Hillary Clinton. That really looked like Sarah Palin. That was Sarah Palin? No, now NBC says she way played by Tina Fey (Amy Poehler played Hillary.) And, yup, Barack Obama should have chosen Hillary as a running mate.

I understand that Barack Obama couldn’t make it because of Hurricane Ike.

I wonder how easily one gets tickets to these. It’s pretty impressive how quickly they do the makeup for these “live” events.

I wonder if “Chuck” (Zachary Levi) will host a show. Or maybe “fall girl” Sami (Allison Sweeny) or even Great Gatsby’s Nick Fallon (Blake Berris). How about Gregory Smith (Everwood's prodigy Ephram). Or, for that matter, hurricane hunter Anderson Cooper (wading in flood water, not standing in the comfy French Quarter). Here’s a couple other candidates: Ben Kingsley, and John Malkovich. (Either one could play ME!)

I need to get on that Amtrak train soon.

Fanhouse has a somewhat negative but humorous review of the Phelps show here.


Anonymous said...

I have been watching SNL for a long long time, and that was one of the worst premiers that I have ever seen. Phelps was bad, and Lil Wayne, please pull up your pants, you were really bad also.

I was anticipating a great season permier, but that show sucked!

Unknown said...

Baltimore is eagerly anticipating Phelps’ return home. Two separate events are planned for October 4th. One in his hometown of Towson, MD and then a big celebration, including other MD Olympic athletes, down at Fort McHenry. For details go to