Monday, April 20, 2009

Ashton Kutcher on CNN Larry King Live: About Twitter, and nothing else but Twitter

Larry King Live hosted an almost full hour with Ashton Kutcher last week (repeated Sunday night April 19) talking about nothing but Twitter and tweats. Kutcher has made himself the world champion of the “microblogging” world of Twitter. I'd be more impressed by a world championship in chess.

Here’s one account of the show with the video.

In fact, CNN has the transcript, here.

Kutcher sat there, in a polo shirt, very big muscles, with his gentle overpowering nature, and said things like, well, I probably wouldn’t get up in the middle of the night just to Twitter, but “I don't sleep that much, so don't -- I try not to interrupt it with a Twitter”. Later he said, “Twitter is not about celebrities. It's not a platform for celebrities.”

They didn’t talk about anything else, not even the mini-waxing on “Access Hollywood” (it was nothing compared to what happened to Steve Carell).

Later they showed clips about Oprah Winfrey being tweeted, and went on to interview Jimmy Fallon.

“Dark Reading” claims that a new Twitter worm has ensnared both Kutcher and Winfrey, link here.

Right now Kutcher’s microblog offers a link to a YouTube video on Saudi road skating (the desert is pancake flat). One up on rollerblading. He also manages to say something about the privatization of Homeland Security.

Actually, I like Kutcher’s Myspace page better, which he calls “My spot” – like the dog in Dick and Jane. His blog is pretty interesting as to content for its own sake.

His "Facebook spot" isn’t quite as compelling (at least when it comes to organizing a page with eye appeal).

But Adam Ostrow, on Mashable, The Social Media Guide (yup, the “mashups” in Joshua Cooper Ramo’s book on “The Unthinkable”) predicts “Ashton will hit one million fans on Facebook before Twitter,” here.

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