Monday, April 06, 2009

Dr. Phil, Oprah cover unusual problems for motherhood today

On Dr. Phil today, the third portion ("The Search for a Mom") of the show was particularly “bizarre”. A thirty-three year old mother of four, Keyana, had written saying that she wanted to be “adopted” (as an adult) by a new family, with a new mother that would become emotionally closer to her. She is even planning to take on the new mother’s maiden name. She wants the personal attention of a new mother, and says that her current mother gives attention to her sisters, but not to her.

Dr. Phil asked if she understood how this comes across on national TV.

The URL for the transcript of the portion is here.

This is one of the strangest requests for personal “blood family” attention that I have ever heard of. But to some people, “loyalty to blood” means everything.

On Oprah Winfrey today, Utah super-mom blogger Heather Armstrong appeared, and discussed how her blog saved her life, from post-partum depression, before becoming the family business earning almost a half-million a year. (Sorry, I can't come close to that.) She didn’t go into how her blog got her fired in 2002, leading to the creation of the verb “dooce”. The link for Oprah’s “Truth about Motherhood” today is here. See also May 5, 2008 on this blog for the account of Armstrong’s Nightline appearance last year.

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