Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel brings on Justin Timberlake: big mountain to climb

Tonight ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” interviewed “justified” Justin Timberlake, now 28, who, wearing a curious black shirt, made his most hesitating grand entrance.

Timberlake mentioned that he planned to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and then talked briefly about the problems of clean water in the developing world, as leading to more deaths than malaria and HIV. These blogs have mentioned other water projects in connection with other sponsors like Matt Damon (see my books blog, June 2, 2007). Kilimanjaro may be losing its glacier quickly (to climate change) and fail soon as a source of water.

Kimmel mentioned that Timberlake is producing a new series for MTV, "The Phone", CelebTV announcement here.

He also did a play-golf exhibition. This is not miniature golf; instead, a huge jumbo screen projects a computer simulation of the results of the golfer’s shot.

Timberlake’s appearance has been, shall we say, variable in the past few years, since ‘Nsync broke up (notice how he “looked” in “Alpha Dog” and then “Southland Tales”. He gave Kimmel a bear hug.

I attended the ‘Nsync “Popodyssey” concert in the Minneapolis Metrodome in 2001. In its day, the groups website was one of the most sophisticated ever, but those were the good old days.

Kimmel’s show tonight started with some anagrams on the names of team’s uniforms: the Washington “Natinals” and the “Red Sox” scrambled (switch the vowels).

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