Sunday, April 12, 2009

Zac Efron hosts SNL, most of his humor is G-rated (but maybe not all)

Saturday night, April 11, 2009, Zachary David Alexander Efron hosted NBC's "Saturday Night Live", and he started out by thanking the “tweens”. If it weren’t for “them”, he’d be a regular college student now. Instead, he gets to make a living pretending to be a high school student.

Zac Efron participated in a few other skits, including one in which Eliot Spitzer, former attorney general of New York State, is “reincarnated” to bust a bar for underage drinking. (Zac is 21, so this is OK – but Shia LaBeouf hosted SNL when he was 20). Then, Zac played G-rated Troy Bolton, and said that colleges wouldn’t let him sing. At the end of the show, Zac’s “brother” played footsie – really, with a bit of a Freudian metaphor (following a barefoot massage), as if threatening an inspection despite the long pants. Remember, Zac is “only” 21, and looks perfect in all images. By the way, the name "Bolton" rings a bell. I had an Algebra I teacher named "Miss Bolton" in the 1950s, and nobody ever had a drop in grades after struggling with her course after going on.

USA Weekend has a story on Zac (“I’m growing up”) here, included in the print version of The Washington Times Easter Sunday April 12.

Zac was a good student, with a 4.3 grade point (hence the mention of college), as was “Supernatural’s” Jared Padalecki, who graduated in Texas in 2000 as a presidential scholar. Producers and directors like young stars who never get into trouble, who come into the business with a good academic record.

Efron first attracted notice when he played the likable "Cameron Bale" on the Spelling series "Summerland" on TheWB in 2005.

Last night, Seth Meyers included a skit on gay marriage with a New Jersey male couple (not sure why New Jersey).

The previous week, with Seth Rogen, there was a skit in which Obama was depicted as playing “Mother May I” with American corporations, deciding which ones would succeed and fail. Such is the world of Bailouts on SNL.

AOL has a 100+ image photo gallery of Zac today (Apr. 13, requires disabling pop-up blocker; direct link won't work). Or try the "Charismatic" "Zefron" site for an account of his Today Show appearance and more videos. He also appeared on ABC's "The View" April 13.

Zac appeared on "Ellen" on April 14, and spun a basketball on his finger and made it look like Jupiter.

My picture (unrelated but taken same day): Ford's Theater, Washington DC.

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