Monday, May 25, 2009

ABC Nightline Twittercast on Veterans

ABC Nightline has a four part Twittercast (started May 20) on veterans, with Part 1 having this URL.
The Twitter “t” is used in the Nightline logo for the twittercast.

Terry Moran hosts. Bob Woodruff appears and appears to be almost fully recovered from his wound as a journalist in Iraq, but he still has some aphasia. The broadcast emphasized the large numbers of wounded and those with mental health and post traumatic stress problems. Employment assistance has been reported as a big issue. The unemployment rate for veterans is typically 2 points higher than for non-military. Tom Tarantino, of Irag and Afghanistan Veterans of America, also appears.

There was a question as to whether veterans are affected by the unpopularity of the Iraq war.

Rene Bardoff discussed the “Tweet to Remind”. She said that one in four homeless persons in the United States are veterans. There was a fundraising “Tweet for a Dollar” campaign. The visitor microblogs about who is your hero and makes a microdonation.

The show did emphasize the sacrifice of military servicemembers to preserve the freedoms of those whom they don’t know.
Marian Salzman has a story about this campaign on CNBC here.

The Twitter URL for nightline is here.

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