Monday, May 04, 2009

ABC reviews caregiving awards; Dr. Phil covers "Brother's Keeper" ministry in Detroit

ABC "Good Morning America" (on May 4, 2009) re-aired a March 3, 2008 for a caregiving award.

There was a related story about Judy McAtee, “A Labor of Love: Caregiver Adopts 10 Children: Judy McAtee Has Made It Her Life's Goal to Help Children,” with this link. There is also a video on the caregiving awards on that date, here.

There was an independent film back by 2003 HBO Documentary (directed by Jonathan Karsh), “My Flesh and Blood”, about Susan Tom in Oakland, CA, who raised eleven or more special needs children, one of whom is a teenager who dies during the course of the film. The cable film synopsis is available at this link online. The film had a theatrical release (at least in Landmark Theaters) from Strand Releasing, normally known for releasing LGBT films.

Today, Dr. Phil, show 1276, in a segment called “A Helping Hand” encouraged those hammered by the recession, the effects of which he insists is beyond the control of the average person, to reach down to those harmed more and give a hand up, rather than become socially isolated with “shame,” the most unacceptable of all emotions. The last section covered the Pilgrim Church in Detroit, with Pastor Henry Covington, and the “I Am My Brother’s Keeper Ministry”.

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