Thursday, May 28, 2009

AC360, without Anderson, covers sudden crisis in Pakistan, taser death in Detroit, and "father Oprah"

John King, filling in for Anderson Cooper on AC360 on CNN tonight, gave a disturbing report about the sudden increase of insurgent Taliban violence in Pakistan today, providing an immediate threat to the stability of Pakistan. The attacks, reported by Reza Sayah, were focused in Swat and many urban areas, and seem to be asymmetric with guerillas, against the military; and it seems that the Pakistani military is using unfocused methods getting civilians. Over two million people have been made into refugees in the Swat Valley, and refugee camps create more militants.

Fareed Zakaria says that the Taliban has “moved out of the mountains into the valleys” making it a much bigger threat to Pakistani state. Zakaria says that Pakistan “needs help but won’t take it.” We don’t have a UN mandate in Pakistan. The administration is still comfortable that the suitcase nukes are safe, but Zakaria says “who knows?” Pakistan must become a stable country not infected with a malignancy of jihad.

Later in the broadcast, King covered the death of a small sixteen year old teenager in Detroit from a taser gun. There is a story by Paul Egan of the Detroit News on a lawsuit by the teen’s family against Warren Police here.

The show also discussed "Father Oprah" who converted to Episcopalean when he got married. In many areas of the world, there is a dire Catholic priest shortage. When will the Church end its ban against heterosexuals in the priesthood? The San Jose Mercury News AP story (by Tamara Lush) about Alberto Cutie is here.

The broadcast also covered a middle school spelling bee (remember the movie "Akeelah and the Bee" from Lionsgate).

Where (in the world) is Anderson Cooper? Don't ask Morgan Spurlock! Maybe Anderson grabbed a hammer in New Orleans to pay his dues (again) -- at least that was the suggestion on a comment on the Aug. 29, 2007 post here. It doesn't look like I've paid my dues down there -- yet. (The commentor wants me to go, too.) Journalist Sebastian Junger paid his dues by cutting down trees, remember.

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