Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chinese drywall has ruined many new homes, according to ABC Nightline and many local station reports

About ten thousand new “dream” homes around the country are affected by serious problems with “Chinese drywall”, according to an alarming report on ABC Nightline tonight, Wednesday, May 20.

A home in Boynton Beach, FL was shown in the report (the video link is not yet available but should be by early May 21). Electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures were turning black because of “Martian” sulfites, and would darken within a few months when replaced. The homes would emit an odor. Some families moved out, and faced both mortgage and rent payments, and some say that they should be covered by TARP.

The government has not yet said how safe the homes are to live in, and engineers don’t have consistent efforts on the cost of replacing drywall, plumbing fixtures, wiring, and hurricane struts.

The states most affected are Florida and Louisiana, but homes in up to twelve states have these problems. Many homeowners are faced with homeowners dues as well as mortgages.

However, Bizjournal (The Tampa Bay Business Journal) has an article (by Paul Brinkmann) (May 18) “Nelson: Chinese drywall tests confirm differences” about EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) tests showing that Chinese drywall contained both sulfur and strontium, not found in US drywalls.

CNN has a May 6 story from CNN, “Get out of house with Chinese drywall, doctor tells family,” (by Rich Phillips) link here, from Parkland, FL.

Fox News has reproduced an AP story from April 9, 2008, about Chinese drywalls in both homes and apartments, here.

An NBC station, Channel 2, in Fort Myers FL has a report (April 5, 2009, by Marissa Brahney) telling homeowners what to look for, here.

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