Monday, May 18, 2009

Jesse Ventura ("The Bod") appears on ABC's "The View"; talks about waterboarding, the "War on Drugs"

Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura (James George Janos or “The Body”) appeared on ABC’s “The View” today (Monday May 18).

He repeated some comments he has made earlier on CNN “Larry King Live”. He said that he underwent waterboarding as part of his training as a Navy Seal, and that he could waterboard Dick Cheney into confessing anything (the “Sharon Tate murders”).

He also indicated that the “war on drugs” empowers the drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia and the illegality of “recreational” drugs creates a grave security threat. He talked about the way prohibition created the border towns in Mexico (Tijuana) where people went to drink. They go to Mexico for marijuana and other drugs now, he said, and over time this state of affairs has led to the development of the drug cartels and their influence on gangs in many cities in the United States.

Ventura said that he now lives in Mexico half the year (in Baja California) and lives without electricity, with his wife. At 57, he is enjoying surfing.

Ventura beat out Norm Coleman for governor of Minnesota in 1998, and I remember the bar election night parties in St. Paul. Ventura was supportive on gay issues, coming to HRC dinners in Minneapolis. I have spoken to him about “don’t ask don’t tell”. I remember that he came to a dinner shortly after 9/11 and did tell people “it is safe to fly.”

On gay marriage, Ventura says “Love is bigger than government”. He says that government should honor only civil unions. Churches should be left to do as they please with their own members and employees. That’s pretty much the libertarian position. An older YouTube (from MSNBC) link is here.

Ventura has also said that “you can’t take a civil rights issue and put it up to a vote; if you did, we still might have slavery.”

The ABC View (website) episode is not available yet, but if you go to “The View” and try to play earlier episodes it now prompts you to load the “Move Viewer” into Firefox. You have to stop firefox and start a new session, and the video comes up after an install. The companies keep making you install more new software all the time. The Friday May 15 episode about “Angels & Demons”, with Tom Hanks in a speedo, is available in high definition.

The Huffington Post has some of Ventura’s CNN LKL videos, with the headline “I would waterboard Cheney” and “Coleman is a hypocrite”; link.

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