Saturday, May 09, 2009

Justin Timberlake "justified" by his new (3rd) SNL hosting

Justin Timberlake hosted SNL tonight, May 9, and he says it’s for the third time. As for his appearance in pantyhose earlier this year, that was to help out Paul Rudd. NBC offered a little preview of a jam session with Andy Samberg (the "marriage" resulting in "Jandy Timsamlake") to be embedded:

He started out in song, visiting backstage like Shia LaBeouf. He made passes at a couple men. I love the “we’ll be right back.” Dr. Phil often says that. (Has Dr. Phil ever hosted SNL?)

For Mother’s Day, "they" had a “Mom Celebrity Translator”, plopped onto an iPhone. (They needed Justin Long for this skit.)

Justin Timberlake got into drag, with a neckbrace, and pretended to become a Target shopper. He threatened to get a full body wax. (That would cost $3495; at least a full leg job is $2495, per leg, according to the Blade; the SNL writers missed that). Justin (Timberlake) has undergone some reversible changes in the past few years, if anyone has noticed in the movies and mags.

The SNL digital short was “Happy Mother’s Day” and Justin and Andy Samberg could act like twins. It will certainly become a popular fern gay bar video. How long will it take to show up at JR’s? I still miss “Laser Cats”.

Lead SNL writer and “interviewer” Seth Meyers got brutal, with his depictions of double, fractal pope-mobiles and some stuff about John Edwards, but he gave a rah-rah for gay marriage in Maine. He staged a rather tasteless confrontation between Eliot Spitzer and David Patterson. Meyers could (instead) try an reenactment of Idaho Senator’s Larry Craig’s Minneapolis bathroom bust. (“I am not gay. I have never been gay.” Think what Meyers could do with that (he could get on with the Pope’s definition of “objective disorder” or Dr, Laura’s “biological error”). Start out with a bit of footage from “Outrage”). Meyers says, You can twitter without a Blackberry if you have some real warblers (try using the ovenbird). All of this makes great satire.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto came in to talk about the “new” Star Trek franchise (it can really be trademarked with USPTO – movie studios are notorious about protecting their intellectual property rights, aren’t they). Then “computerman” Leonard Nimoy (who acts like me) appeared. He’s not just a Geek Squad double agent. He started measuring and comparing people, mathematically. He said we have to live with the logical consequences of our beliefs. I understand that the new Star Trek movie has some planets destroyed by internal black holes (more episodes for History Channel mega-disasters), rather like what could happen to earth if Yellowstone blows up as a supervolcano.

Then they aired a skit claiming that the Somali pirates sold their caches to Disneyland. (Or perhaps “Adventureland”.) Is that an exercise in “creativity”? This looks like one for MaGruber.

I'd love to see SNL try to make fun with the characters Grant and Ben in Carter Smith's gay horror masterpiece "Bugcrush." You know, the lines like "you know what you want" and "I can do whatever I want." That's just another idea for Seth Meyers.

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