Sunday, May 31, 2009

Larry King Live interviews Kris Allen, Adam Lambert from American Idol

Saturday night (May 30), Larry King Live presented Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, and then some other American Idol contestants.

As of early 5/31, the LKL web page has all the material for this show, but LKL does not save specific links for individual shows; it does save videos, and the video from this show will probably appear there today. The basic link is this.

It starts with the announcement event of Kris Allen’s victory.

Ryan Seacrest, who has often told shows like Nightline that his career is to “make pop starts”, hosted. Seacrest asked if Allen got the Christian vote, and later discussed what it was like to be from Arkansas (ask Bill Clinton). “Not a lot happens” there, except Whitewater. Except that Kris said “Arkansas revolves around what happens in that state.”

Adam Lambert said “I’m good.” (Zac Efron says that.) “I’m trying to stay awake.”

The Fox American Idol performances are here.

Lambert's performance (of "No Boundaries") is here.

I actually liked Lambert’s the most of the two. The American Idol judges gave him the most "love".

Paula Abdul also appeared on the show, and then some of the other contestants.

Note: Embedding American Idol into Blogger seems to be a two-step process, and it seems that any one post can accept only one at a time, for me at least.

Picture: "Private party" -- not American Idol.

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