Friday, June 12, 2009

ABC 20-20: Adam Lambert's interview

Tonight (Friday June 12) ABC 20/20 presented a report on American Idol runnerup Adam Lambert, “We asked, He Told.”

“Adam, are you gay?” “Yes, I am”. “Not everybody is as comfortable with it as I am”. He says he has lived this way in LA for eight years. He grew up in San Diego.

Then “I get to be a rock star. It’s fun.” And he talks about “playing dressup.” And he talks about “an odd fascination with glitter.”

He went on to talk about how he came out to his parents.

There was a little bit of his soaring singing, with a bit of a high pitched voice.

And he said that he is “bi-curious”. That was his “surprise.”

The 20/20 website has three videos on Lambert, including one interview with his brother Neil.

The news story is by Chris Connelley, Harry Phillips and Lauren Sher, link here.

Visitors will enjoy Rolling Stone issue 1081, “The Liberation of Adam Lambert”, link here. There is a video on the making of the cover shot, which, when looked at closely, offers surprises. There is also a video of an interview with Justin Long; the videos let you skip the preliminaries.

John Stossel interviewed “Mormon” and “Republican lap dog” Glen Beck.

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