Monday, June 15, 2009

ABC "The View" makes goofy metaphors about Chastity Bono and gender change

Well, that female gabfest “The View” on ABC this morning had a really good time by talking about Chastity Bono’s announced gender change from female to male. One of the gals said that “going from woman to man” is an “addition.” The audience gasped and laughed. How sexist, one says. Going from male to female was apparently a “subtraction,” or “take away” like in grade school arithmetic.

Ms. Behar took a real hard line on David Letterman’s comments that drew the ire of Sarah Palin. She said, a mother will do anything to defend her child – just like a mother black bear that I encountered on the Applachian Trail in Virginia one time – she was with her cub, but nothing happened. I just didn’t get between them and they passed peacefully. But Letterman (a member of the zipper club, according to an Esquire illustration) doesn’t get that. Letterman, remember, provides an object lesson. Never go to the doctor. You might find yourself wheeled into emergency coronary bypass surgery that afternoon.

The link for ABC's "free episode player" is here.

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