Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AC360 on phony "veterans", and on Museum attack today

Tonight (Wednesday June 10) Anderson Cooper, on his AC360 program, interviewed veteran imposter Rick Strandlof and asked Strandlof at one point “are you a pathological liar?” Doug Sterner, who operates “Home of Heroes” (link) (with a “the” you get parked domains) said that veteran imposters damage the credibility of real veterans who have earned their publicity and “privilege of being listened to” by paying their dues in combat deployments.

Cooper has a blog entry “Many faces of ‘fake vet’ Rick Strandlof exposed” here.

Cooper also covered the (James Von Brunn) shooting at the Holocaust Museum today (which I discussed with respect to free speech issues on my main blog). The program went into his conspiracy theory about the Federal Reserve, where he was arrested in 1981 for an attack then (six years in prison). The Southern Poverty Law Center (Mark Potok) did discuss his “propaganda.” Investigator David Gletty was also interviewed and he discussed the "lone wolf" problem, and talked about going to parties undercover to infiltrate them.

AC360 showed a geographical map of hate groups in the United States, and they tend to be concentrated in the southeast.

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