Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bill Moyers reviews life, work of Thomas Paine

Bill Moyers, on Friday June 12, presented an appreciation of Thomas Paine, who may have been America’s greatest and first journalist. Paine wrote “The Rights of Man”, “The Age of Reason” and “Common Sense” (which advocated independence).

Moyers interviewed Harvey J. Kaye (“Thomas Paine and the Promise of America”) and National Review senior Richard Brookhiser, author of “What Would the Fathers Do?

The link is here.

Paine’s journalism would become infused with his own philosophy and ideas and take on a little bit of a gonzo quality. In his day, his style of publishing (with pamphleteering) was revolutionary, in a manner parallel to the Internet today.

Paine drew attention to himself abroad, and eventually was arrested and imprisoned in France in 1793, as detailed in Wikipedia.

Moyers also spoke to former Clinton secretary of Labor Robert Reich, about why the rich get richer (like Trump), and how to control health care costs.

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