Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Clean Skies" televises mountaintop removal (strip mine) hearings

The half-hour program “Clean Skies”, on Sunday June 28, on ABC affiliates (WJLA in Washington DC) aired a 15 minute report on mountaintop removal strip mining, mainly in southern West Virginia.

There is a six-minute video of the Senate hearing on mountaintop removal at the Clean Skies site here. Senator Ben Carlin said that the technique is unnecessary.

The report showed the underground coal mine exhibit in Beckley, W Va (which I visited in May 1991). It also covered the problem if coal dust accumulation in many communities.

An activist in Raleigh County W Va wants to place windmills on top of West Virginia ridges rather than tearing them down and making much of West Virginia an extension of the American Midwest.

Open pit mining for other minerals can remove even more overburden than for coal. I visited the Anaconda Copper mine in Montana in May 1981 (in snow); I’ve seen an asbestos mine in southern Quebec.

Picture: Reclaimed strip mine between Mt. Storm and Davis, W Va, along highway 93, taken by me Aug. 31, 2004. I was almost arrested for trespassing here when taking pictures when active mining went on, July 31, 1971.

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