Tuesday, June 30, 2009

History Channel: "Secrets of the Founding Fathers" and the Freemasons

On Monday June 29, the History Channel aired “Secrets of the Founding Fathers,” a two hour film, with link here.

The premise of the film is that many of the founding fathers, including some “anti-founders” like Benedict Arnold (or John Hancock, “the first terrorist”), were Freemasons.

An early episode in the film simulates George Washington going to an initiation ritual, and being placed in a state between dress and undress, before taking the rites. (Imagination can rule here.) There is discussion of the “square and compass” figure and the metaphor of “God and geometry.” (God cannot overturn the rules of mathematics, but he can determine the geometry of space-time.) Later the film covers much of the history of Benjamin Franklin, and how his activities and beliefs helped support the American Revolution and probably the French Revolution.

The Freemason movement, according to the film, grew out of the trade unions and guilds, and sifted religious belief down to some fundamentals in such a way as to make separation of church and state a desirable political goal.

The film also traced possible connections of the Freemasons and even the Founding Fathers back to the Knights Templar or their families.

The film connects the layout of Washington DC and many of the buildings to the Freemasons. There is discussion of the pyramid, and the “seeing eye” on it; once one is a Freemason, one is a member for life.

There is a blog “Freemasons for Dummies” by Christopher Hodapp, link here that gives a perspective.

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