Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Logo's "Coming Out Stories" (Karen Goodman)

Netflix (and Red Envelope Entertainment) have packaged eight of the the Logo Network’s reality-documentary “Coming Out Stories” from 2006 onto a three-hour DVD. The “film” is directed by Karen Goodman.

The first story involves a young woman telling her dying mother, but rehearsing with her sister first.

The second story shows the mayor of West Sacramento, CA telling at a “state of the City” speech, so that he can live a normal life. He actually calls the mayor of Providence, RI. He says writing a speech is like writing a book report, and that mayors don’t have staff writing their speeches for them.

The third story concerns an African American young man in New York who helps homeless gay youth expelled by their parents. He goes back to his home Jamaica, where he had seen a gay man stoned to death in a vitriolic anti-gay culture.

The fourth story concerns a community college teacher in Kansas coming out to an ill sister.

The fifth story involves a divorced man who tells his ex-wife while doing visitation with his three kids. When he has them, he lives like a dad; when he doesn’t, he lives like a gay man.

The sixth involves a young Korean-American woman telling her mother, and having babies isn’t for her.

The seventh story involves two identical twins, one a lesbian and liberal and the other straight and conservative.

The eighth story concerns a female recording artist who has outed herself on the radio but whose family doesn’t listen to her station. She says that hip-hop is generally a macho culture. When she tells her brother, he says, “Your life doesn’t just consist of yourself.”

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