Tuesday, June 02, 2009

NBC: Inside the Obama White House, with Brian Williams

Tonight, Tuesday June 2, Brian Williams of NBC presented the first of two one-hour reports “Inside the Obama White House”

The Obama White House is filled with young adults in power suits, and the atmosphere is quietly festive. There are apples everywhere for healthful snacks, but there also candies. (There is no rollerball.)

Most of the footage takes place in “The West Wing”, site of the famous television series.

The program pays some heed to the Cybersecurity announcement and moves on to the controversy over the new Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomaya.

Then they show what happens when the president wants an ordinary hamburger. Brian Williams rides in the back seat of the black limousine with the president and continues the interview. Obama continues to speak in a somewhat intellectual, slightly pedantic way with a bit of detachment, in compound sentences with lots of clauses. The go to Five Guys (they’ve also gone to Ben’s Chili Parlor, next to the Lincoln Theater where Reel Affirmations is held).

The hour ends with a meeting inside the Blue Room, to talk about life inside the White House, including watching SNL and installing a basketball court, and even parent-teacher conferences for his two daughters.

Jimmy Kimmel commented on the program (about the crib sheets), and also about the dog (no cat).

Wednesday, June 3:

Brian Williams mentions that the former Vice President has said that Americans are less safe with the new administration, and that on television the new president should show a "more serious demeanor" in the White House. Obama says that his staff is serious and professional.

Obama said that "gays and lesbians have a friend in the White House", and that he supports all possible civil rights and protections, but he said that the federal government should not be in the business of defining marriage -- although it seems like a contradiction because the IRS, social security and other agencies have to recognize the marriages as defined by the states, and DOMA would prevent federal benefits to same-sex couples. He did not mention proposals to repeal the military "don't ask don't tell" policy.

Obama also said that controlling health care costs (and entitlement costs) was the highest of all priorities, and hinted that this could require some sacrifice.

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