Sunday, June 21, 2009

SNL airs the Jonas Brothers

SNL last night, on a rerun, was hosted by a heavy and tired-looking Alec Baldwin (he used to be real hairy) and featured its fountain of youth, the Jonas Brothers. Baldwin is only 51, but his brother Stephen looks much younger at 42.

The show had the usual skits, including a Cougar Den, followed by a skit where Andy Samberg, with his usual professional glitz, tries to put a VHS (not a Beta HiFi, please – so 80s) into a CD player, and seven hours later shows a previous incarnation of the Jonas Brothers from the 70s. Yes, they did get into the business about the purity rings. Can the Jonas Brothers “act”? Remember, Michael Phelps couldn’t. You can’t just put anyone on SNL in a skit. (For some non show-biz celebrities, going on TV is traumatic; remember how reserved Mark Zuckerberg looked going onto Oprah.) The Brothers pulled of a Disney film about them (starting at 4:30 AM in a hotel) and they seemed to be OK here.

The brothers performed some of their usual numbers, and Nick did the percussion. "You know it's bad when your mama doesn't like it..."

Seth Meyers did his usual, with a bit about Ohio (site of “Days of our Lives”, especially Highway 13) and kids going to jail for ordering candy from school. Maybe Allison Sweeney (Sami) will host SNL some night.

Toward the end, the tiring Alec Baldwin introduced the concept of "First Cough" -- how to play a dying character and give a hint that his demise is near. Pretty unbelievable, even for SNL.

I can think of some other stars who owe SNL a stint. How about Tom Welling? How about Jared Padalecki? How about Gregory Smith? And, of course, Anderson Cooper.

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