Monday, July 20, 2009

"20th Century Props" gives out to runaway productions and to reality TV

Tonight NBC Nighy News reported that 20th Century Props in Hollywood is closing its doors and auctioning off its wares. A typical media story is by Jason DeBord and appears on the Original Prop blog url here.

One big problem was the WGLA writers’ strike, followed by the threat of a SAG actor’s strike. A bigger problem is that fewer movies are actually made in LA, as more going “on the road” or runaway productions, where states and Canadian provinces give huge incentives (and some countries like Spain). But the biggest problem is probably reality TV, which doesn’t use props (OK, Trump’s Apprentice office for his “you’re fired” conclusions was a set). According to Access Hollywood on July 20, there is a new NBC reality show “The Wanted” that will show tracking down real life terrorists, a kind of sting operation like “To Catch a Terrorist” rather like Chris Hansen’s recent sting for sexual predators and for scammers.

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