Wednesday, July 01, 2009

AC360 tells the story of "Bubbles": Michael Jackson's chimpanzee (and he was smart); also, Jackson's will is published on the web

AC360 on CNN tonight went into the humorous story of Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee “Bubbles”. The chimp eventually was sent away but recognized Jackson years later. Reportedly, the chimp once bit Jackson. Anderson Cooper thought that the chimp's "long memory" was remarkable, but it isn’t. Chimps have almost human intelligence, but they don’t have the ability to build on the knowledge of past generations (as shown on a PBS Nova segment).

When I worked as a caller for the Minnesota Orchestra in 2002, the boss called me “Bubbles.” I didn’t know who that was for a while.

Of course, today there was “The Reading of the Will”, as from the well known short story by John Knowles (“A Separate Peace”). Johnson had set up a private trust (common now), and named Diana Ross as a successor guardian of his kids if his mother is unable to care for them. People do name guardians of their kids in wills and trusts, and sometimes they have been siblings without their own kids. Jackson did cut out some people, as the media has reported. There is also a trust, which is more private (there is plenty of stuff on the web from law firms explaining why people make trusts). The will and the trust don’t necessarily have to say the same things; usually the trust overrides, although that can get complicated.

The CNN/Turner link for the will (raw PDF document) is here. You may have trouble loading it; very heavy traffic is running and Firefox crashed on it once for me.

They also described some of the drugs (Diprivan) that Michael Jackson took as capable of producing a medically induced coma.

Attribution link for public domain Wikimedia picture of a “bald bodybuilder chimp”. A bald chimpanzee -- that's interesting. (But he's still an animal; he's not human!)

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