Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nightline on saving the cheetah; Primetime on Michael Jackson's gams; AL wins 13th All Star in a row on Fox

ABC Nightline tonight (July 14) presented a brief but heartwarming story of Laurie Marker, who fights to save the cheetah in Namibia. The cheetah is the most tamable of the big cats (subject of the South African film “Duma”) and it may become extinct in 20 years. Farmers shoot them to protect their hers, but Laurie is trying to raise dogs to help farmers protect their herds – and save cats. The cats were shown as affectionate with humans, chirping like birds, and behaving like dogs themselves.

The story is by Dan Harris and Almin Karamehmedovic, link here. She says they are the most amazing animal on the face of the Earth.

Not so amazing was the visual presentation of Michael Jackson’s gams on ABC Primetime, with pictures of his disfigured, hairless legs leading off on ABC News website tonight, with a detailed news story by Lauren Sher and Teru Whitcraft, here. The purpose of the unpleasant photos (hardly reminding one of the ladylike appendages of Betty Grable, so well insured) is to explore his vitiligo, but there was also evidence of needle punctures that could have been associated with drug use. An IV fluid could have leaked and destroyed the skin, according to the article. On Wednesday night (July 15), however, AC360 on CNN covered the 1984 accident where Michael Jackson's scalp was burned when pyrotechnics misfired (prescient of the 2003 tragedy in Rhode Island), and a couple of commentators, including Jeffrey Toobin, indicated that this accident, which Jackson could not recover from completely (he had to wear wigs) had a big effect on him and could have led to prescription drug dependency (as would also happen to Rush Limbaugh).

On a lighter note, the American League, as the visiting team, won by the aesthetically pleasing score of 4-3 and its bullpen held a one run lead in the bottom of the Ninth. This is the AL's 13th win in a row in the summer classic. The game was carried on Fox, and in Washington that meant WTTG 5, which used to televise the Senators (“Cheery Beery Bo!”) back in the 1950s. Busch Stadium in St. Louis looks like a big, symmetrical, pitcher’s park. The runs tonight were manufactured, with good basic baseball. How many homers would Pujols hit it he played in Boston’s Fenway?

Barack Obama’s fast ball did not impress. He cannot help the Nationals in the bullpen.

Attribution Wikimedia link for St. Louis at night.

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