Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama gives whimsical news conference, mostly on health care reform

President Barack Obama held a one hour news conference on all major networks at 8 PM tonight July 22. The emphasis of the conference was on health insurance reform.
He suggested openness to paying for health care reform in various ways, including a limit on itemized deductions for wealthiest Americans as well as the idea of a surtax.

He denounced the idea that some individuals consider themselves “indestructible” and want to cherry pick their way out of helping pay for the health care of others (the anti-selection problem).

He was asked about “sacrifice” and this time suggested that Americans would sacrifice paying for care that doesn’t work and talked about redundant tests that could be eliminated with better information systems.

He gave an interesting analogy on generic prescriptions by talking about “red” and “blue” pills and suggested that the blue pill could be cheaper.

He was also critical of Cambridge MA police in the recent “racial profiling” arrest of a professor “breaking in” to his own home. The president showed some loose lips in saying "police acted stupidly." They tell writers to watch their overuse of adverbs.

He also acknowledge that financial markets had calmed down a bit and that people were no longer talking about the financial system falling off a cliff.

The MSNBC AP story on the conference is here.

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