Thursday, August 06, 2009

ABC 20-20 presents show on autism, other medical issues Aug. 7; much video is available now

ABC 20/20 on Friday August 7 will present an intriguing segment about an autistic teenage girl who explains what her world is like by typing narratives on a computer. Some of the program is already available on ABC 20/20’s site in videos. She says that her behavior is explained by receiving overwhelming senses.

The news story is “Teen Locked in Autistic Body Finds Inner Voice: Unable to Speak or Connect to the World Until Age 11, Carly Fleishman Types: 'I Am Autistic But That Is Not Who I Am'" web site link here. The ABC story is by Alan B. Goldberg and Lauren Putrino.

The story could be compared to CNN’s 2004 documentary “Autism Is a World” about an autistic girl who goes to college. The main "CNN Presents" link for this show is here. Here is the classroom website tutorial for the CNN show.

Autism is more common in boys than girls. Milder forms of autism (or milder pervasive developmental disorders) are called “Asperger’s Syndrome” which in the very mildest form simply makes the person less communicative socially and sometimes very introverted. Sometimes such persons do very well in artistic or intellectual fields, especially computers, based more on individual work and less on social manipulation and emotional cuing.

The show will also present a boy born with a heart outside his body, with video already available.

There is also a video on five signs of the need for neurological attention. That would be signs of possible impending stroke or aneurysm, or a transient ischemic attack. One interesting symptom could be vertigo, which sometimes is benign and the result of inner ear disturbance.

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