Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ABC Primetime: "The Outsiders": UFO Abductees tell their stories

Tonight, Aug. 18, ABC Primetime “The Outsiders” presented “Abducted by Aliens? Believers Tell Their Stories”. Juju Chang and Jim Dubreuil wrote the news story, here.

Twin sisters told a story, as did a former marine who said he was visited his apartment in Suffolk, VA. But the most telling story probably came from Stan Romanek, who showed video of bizarre objects near Denver, and multiple stigmata on his body, especially near his knee. He also showed still photos of “baghead” faces that appeared mysteriously on his camera.

But one psychologist presented the theory that “paralysis of sleep” generates false memories of abduction and medical examination. Many of the abductee stories start at night, in bed (although that was not true of Betty and Barney Hill).

The show included clips from the 1997 movie “Contact” (based on Carl Sagan’s novel) and the new flick “District 9”. There was also discussion of the SETI project.

The series title “Outsiders” is funny to me. In the Army, on KP, we had an “outside man”.

Wikipedia attribution link for NASA-SETI graph (pd).

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