Sunday, August 02, 2009

ABC's "Defying Gravity" opens with 2-hour premier

Tonight ABC premiered its new meaty space series “Defying Gravity”, directed by James D. Parriott. Eight astronauts “who want to do it” go through all kinds of indignations (even repeat vasectomies) to qualify for the program. Some of them need a little help in the pool (from Michael Phelps). Believe it or not, one of them can’t swim.

But the concept is romantic – doing a grand tour of many of the planets, almost like a fold-out in a child’s astronomy text. There is the issue of what ultimate purpose is behind all this. There are too many medical coincidences (almost deserving emergency bypass surgery). One could compare the concept to the new Sony Pictures “Moon”, with perhaps a bit of “Solaris.” There’s plenty of esprit de corps here – or call it unit cohesion.

There’s some science, too, a discussion of the bends, and of hyperbaric chambers.
A hint to the premise: “the only natural selection happened in a petri dish.” What picks the teams?

The ABC show link is here and it will prompt you to download and install and ActiveX add-on.

Attribution link for NASA volcano picture on Venus.

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