Thursday, August 13, 2009

CNN: "Generation Islam" examines Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza

Christiane Amanpour presented a two hour special “Generation Islam” on CNN on Thursday Aug. 13, 2009 at 9 PM EDT. The basic link is this.

The first hour depicts life in Afghanistan, particularly for children. Kids often sleep two to a bunk, and young boys have to go out and work for their families. In some areas, going to a madrasah is almost a stepup, but then they are forced to memorize the Koran and get no modern education. In more progressive areas, women may go to school, and the education of women is seen as a firewall against the resurgence of extremism.

There was a sequence of boys at play in a skateboard park in Kabul. There was also mention of the “Afghan Star” contest, subject of a recent independent film about an “American Idol” style competition.

Some of the hour also dealt with the Swat valley in Pakistan, as “Pakistan’s Taliban Generation” here.

The second hour deals with Gaza. In the Muslim community, a third of the boys say they would like to become martyrs, and the learn that their parents cannot protect them. There was depiction of hate within the families. The film then turns to “the making of a militant”. Later the show examines teaching young Palestinian boys non-violence, using the Muppets and a Palestinian version of Sesame Street.

At the end, the film presents a 21-year-old documentary filmmaker, Nasser.

Attribution link for NASA map of Holy Land.

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