Sunday, August 09, 2009

CNN: Inside Afghanistan: "Witness to War"

On Saturday CNN aired a one-hour special “Witness to War” with Nic Robertson. The website prefixes the name of the show with “Inside Afghanistan”, but the program also covered Taliban activity in Pakistan. The main link is here.

Reza Sayah and Atiua Abawi appeared. The show took the position that as long as the media was focused on Afghanistan, the situation improved. Once the emphasis changed to Iraq in 2003, the faith of the population in the new government of Karzai tended to deteriorate and the Taliban tended to gain strength.

The program also covered the situation in the Swat Valley in Pakistan, and took the position that the next 9/11 could come from there.

The people in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, while having low literacy, want stability and peace. They may turn to the Taliban in some areas if the Taliban pretend to do this better than western-influence governments.

The 8 PM airing EDT was interrupted by a live press conference from the NTSB in Hoboken NJ about the helicopter-small plane crash yesterday, but the complete show was re-aired at 11 PM EDT.

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