Monday, August 31, 2009

Dr. Phil gives "recession survival guide"

Today, Aug. 31, Dr. Phil provided his “Recession Survival Squad”. I see that I covered a similar show Dec. 8, 2008 (that was show 1183), but this appears to be a different show (1298), with direct link here (show 1298).

This was about cutting out all expenses you don’t need to stay alive and keep your family together. This was about giving up cable and cell phone, clipping coupons, and mass hitting the job market to take grunt jobs. Or perhaps go for jobs that some people frown upon as not so reputable, such as selling insurance. It was not pleasant.

Recent unemployment media reports suggest a peak in the official unemployment rate of over 10% this winter. This show appears to have aired some time after the 2008 crisis broke, but it may be even more applicable now.

Tony Beshara, author of The Job Search Solution, appeared. The book, published by AMACOM, dates back to 2006.

Dr. Phil made the interesting and apropos point that the people could eventually recover individually from the recession, but the family might split apart in marriage. Yesterday, as I noted on my retirement blog, people are contemplating divorce today because of spouse’s long term care expenses.

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