Saturday, August 08, 2009

"Jared & Jensen": "Supernatural" sports its two "role model" brothers in a mag; Oprah marked for a trillion

The CWTV show “Supernatural” offers a flashy mag “Jared & Jensen look forward to Season 5”, at Barnes and Noble and other chain stores.

The last names of the two Texan actors, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The latter, who plays the hothead older brother (and cop) Dean Winchester in Supernatural, had played Coach Teague in Smallville and bad his torso carved up a few times by Lex. Jared plays Sam Winchester, who has graduated from Stanford and is headed for law school before he goes on an endless road movie trip with Dean looking for the supernatural explanations of his family tragedy. Sam is the steadier of the two, the role model, but has to thwart off the devil’s attempts to possess him in exchange for Dean. The series has constant scenes where demons or vampires vomit ash, and in Season 1 there is a great scene where Sam does an exorcism on a plane.

But the mag is itself a trip. It has some clothed but compelling shots of Jared, and it seems designed to attract the notice of gay men as much as the attention of women.

On p 66 there is a “guy talk” or “Ask the Winchesters” and Sam (Jared) gives a pretty lucid explanation of paralysis of sleep.

Padalecki was named a candidate for the 2000 presidential scholars program his high school graduation year, but pursued an acting career almost immediately. The magazine conveys the idea that filming a season of 20 or so episodes of a show like this is very hard work. I don’t know how much Jared and Jensen make (although I suspect they’re in a position to take advantage of the down stock market, a la Suze Orman).

The link for the show is here. It offers a video, which loads a CW video player requiring ActiveX, which fits nicely and properly into the XPS wide screen (in model 16, it leaves some room on the edges, as it is 1.85:1). Right now the site offers a preview were the WB production team for the show gives a panel discussion of the next season. The video is not embeddable, since it requires a special video player.

Also: Oprah to be nicked for $1 trillion?

By the way, a poet named Damon Lloyd Goffe says he will sue Oprah Winfrey for a trillion (with a “t”) dollars for copyright infringement, for using some of his poetry in her Internet work “Pieces of my Soul”. I think I watched a little of it about a year ago. There is some literal calculation of the amount that sounds like an RIAA suit for P2P –but this is Oprah. Remember, she beat off the Texas cattleman for her comment on mad cow a decade ago (that was a SLAPP suit). Again, “free speech rocks”. The TV Squad story is here. I guess it gets laughed out of court, but Oprah is a convenient mark for frivolous suits with her deep pockets (hint, we need tort reform and “loser pays” to protect us all). I think some of my own “do ask do tell” work has been quoted a few times in some TV shows, but it probably just sets me up to sell myself later.

Attribution link for Wikimedia picture of WB studio in Burbank CA.

I was in the area a couple times in the 1970s.

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