Monday, August 24, 2009

NatGeo: "Locked Up Abroad": British couple caught with drugs in transit in Mexico -- "don't do it!"

On Monday, Aug. 24, Natgeo presented a one hour film demonstrating the risks that people face overseas if they take any “changes” with drugs. A young British couple needed money for the winter to stay in the Caribbean, and was approached to transport marijuana from Costa Rica to Amsterdam. The couple got an all-expenses-paid vacation on Costa Rica for two weeks, and then was accosted to carry the drugs, which were much heavier in mass than they expected. Apparently the payload included cocaine. They were not able to "get out" of the deal.

They got through a nervous moment in customs in Costa Rica, but the plane stopped in Mexico City. They were called off the plane, their bags searched, and they were arrested. They were almost immediately sentenced to ten years in Mexican prison, which is horrible.

The link for the show, “Locked Up Abroad”, is here.

Wikimedia attribution link for Mexico City picture here. I visited the City once, in 1974.

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