Saturday, August 01, 2009

NBC Dateline reports soap-opera-like murder near Chicago ("Dangerous Liasons"); the Rhoni Reuter case

On Friday, May 31, NBC Dateline aired a segment called “Dangerous Liasons” about the slaying near Chicago of pregnant woman Rhoni Reuter. The NBC correspondent was Keith Morrison, and his interview with Wayde Reuter is here.

The episode unfolded like a soap opera (particularly like a sequence out of “Days of our Lives”). Rhoni had dated Chicago Bears Shaun Gayle. It seems that this is a case of “bad women” and the real killer would turn out to be a femme, rather like Kate from “Days” (who tries to frame Dr. Jonas) or even Nicole(not Sami). The police and DA would build a circumstantial case against a jealous suitor, and then set up a sting with a woman wearing a wire at a Denny’s.

Attribution link for photo of Sear Tower (or Willis Tower) on Wikipedia by Daniel Schwen. Somehow this picture reminds me of Singapore.

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