Saturday, August 15, 2009

NBC's SNL takes irony to the ultimate (replay of Halloween)

On Aug. 15, NBC SNL was hosted by Jon Hamm (sounded like a political repeat of October surprises from 2008), with music by Coldplay.

One opening skit was pretty ironic. A man knocks on the door on Halloween and says he is using the special day to satisfy the legal requirement that he tells everybody he is a registered s.o. living next door to your kids. In fact, in most states, such men are quarantined on Halloween. This one was pretty sick! So how about some irony, self-parody. Of course, if an ordinary person wrote and published something like this on the Web, it would ruin his "online reputation." He'd hear something like "she was offended by it."

Bill Clinton, and then "Senator" Joe Biden (the Blue Hen State) joined the party later.

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