Friday, August 14, 2009

Oprah covers "what women want"

Today, Friday Aug. 14, Oprah had a show where “Women Reveal What They Really Want” (as in the movie “What Women Want”, and it’s not always depilatory strips). She talked about how women (and men) lose interest in their fantasies and settle for what’s realistic. Some experiments from the Discovery Channel’s “The Science of Sex Appeal” (reviewed her Feb. 9 2009) were repeated, in which men who scored a particular number went up or down when women were given fictitious information about earnings. The episode is probably a repeat, but I had not seen it.

Women probably fantasize less about the “looks” of the perfect mate less than men, even though Hollywood has its ideas (or ideals or idols) of male perfection (the latest fad is Zac Efron). In time, women are more likely to feel attracted to men who can provide for them (make money) and remain stable.

The “rites of passage” of young manhood often seemed, like when I was growing up, like an exercise in competitive triage. It came across as a “contest” to see who was suitable to carry on the face. That’s how I came to see it as a teen, since I was on the short end of the stick “competitively” back in the 1950s. I never quite got beyond that. Logic is brutal.

The Oprah link is here.

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