Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oprah presents British adventurer with outdoor survival tips

Today, Aug. 20, Oprah presented a show on surviving emergencies, and she led off the show for the first half hour with British explorer Bear Grylls, the youngest tramper to conquer Mt. Everest. Grylls did not look like a bear when he disrobed to show what you do if you are wet in a wintry situation.

Grylls showed six everyday objects, often used by women, that could save their lives in wilderness emergencies. These included lipstick, dental floss, tampons, and condoms.

Grylls also described the hazardous work done by porters or patrols in extreme mountainous areas to save the injured or recover “corpses.” He said that most people have poor intellectual judgment about their capabilities at high altitudes.

The link for the show is here and explains the objects in more detail.

Oprah also presented two teenagers who were struck by lightning while hiking. They showed the remains of the trousers. They had burns but both recovered.

I recall descriptions of guided climbs of Mt. Rainier, where the second day everyone rises at 2 AM, to get off the summit before thunderstorms strike.

Wikipedia attribution for Mt. Washington NH picture (I visited in 1961, 1976).

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