Friday, December 11, 2009

Smallville echos major sci-fi concepts: will our brains become twitter machines?

Friday Dec. 11, two reruns of Season 9 Smallville episodes certainly presented interesting concepts. In “Rabid”, a virus causes people to become mad (the program notes says zombies), pretty much a replay of “Resident Evil”, “28 Days Later” and “Quarantine”. The virus incubates while people sleep, reminding me of a boyhood fear of getting sick in the night. I suppose this episode could fit on my “disaster movies blog.”

But in “Echo”, Clark, as the benevolent extraterrestrial aka human, gets the temporary ability to read people’s minds. It’s like texting and tweets carried one more level -- a concept that we could really face some day. Nothing is private anymore. And Oliver Queen is not comfortable reading teleprompters.

CWTV requires you to download an updated video player to watch its episodes. The other stations don't do that. Why?

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