Saturday, March 27, 2010

ABC 20-20 presents actor who lives with wild tigers

Kimlberly Launier and Clem Taylor have the news story for last night’s 20-20 broadcast about big cats:, “Real-Life Tarzan Shares Home With Big Cats: Former 'Tarzan' Actor Says Spiritual Connection to Lions, Tigers Protects Him and Family”, link here.

The story presented Steve Sipek, former actor who made the Spanish Trazan, and his home with many tigers; he even allows his son to sleep with them. The tigers seemed to bond to humans much the way cats and even dogs do.

Dave Salmoni, who appears on Animal Planet who “joined” a pride of lions in one episode, appeared on the show and warned about the unpredictability of wild animals. Yet on that show he had gained the confidence of the “alpha male” of a lion pride by effective body language.

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